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Takuyaki (Tah-Co-Yah-Kee) was developed by a japanese named Endo Tomekichi of Osaka, Japan in 1935 and founded the first Takuyaki shop called Aizuya. The meal quickly spread among the people of Osaka and spread nationally by Yatai, a mobile stand often seen in affairs. It was far so popular that 60% of Osaka household owns a Takuyaki griddle. It became famous that it’s seen as a future “fast food” commodity of Japan and to be distributed worldwide. Currently, Takuyaki is marketed not only in Japan but also in China, Taiwan, Macao, Hong-Kong, Manila and in the United States particularly in Rowland Heights, California.

Takuyaki are cooked in what looks like black egg crates called teppan or griddles. It’s hot work, turning each hallow mold with a sharp probe twisting to sphere and be cooked evenly. Once ready, each bowl is pierced with a fork (For neater eating), slathered with a choice of classic or hot & spicy sauce and sprinkled with Bonito (Fish, Beef, Chicken) flakes or powder. This magnificent combination captured the quench for a snack that is nutritious, delicious, unique and most of all very affordable.

In Mindanao, the Takuyaki mania started in the Tuna Capital of the Philippines, General Santos City. The plan to explore and introduce takuyaki to the masses was initiated by Junith Tan Rosales, a local entrepreneur and believer of the old saying “Quality Food, Quality Service”. The business grew to what is now known as E&E’s Takuyaki. The company has eight outlets in General Santos City. It now has franchised outlets in Major key cities in Manila, Cebu, Zamboanga and Davao.