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How do I qualify as E&E’s Takuyaki Franchise?

You must be business-oriented and must have a successful professional track record, may or may not have experience in managing a similar business; determination and capability to learn the business is enough. You should also possess people-handling skills, must be open-minded, and is ready to take on the challenges of managing the business.

Who will provide the location?

Every franchisee is responsible for securing his own location. The area will be assessed and evaluated by the Company prior to the approval and awarding of franchise.

What are the criteria in selecting a site for E&E’s Takuyaki food cart franchise?

As witnessed, the availability of desirable sites is extremely important. Most prominent malls and shopping centers have spaces that work for Takuyaki Japanese Balls outlets. The advantages is that we fill a market niche with existing option to the “ordinary concepts” in the market today.

How about the cart?

The cart will be provided by the Franchisor. It is included in the franchise package.

Where do we purchase the equipment and supplies for the E&E’s Takuyaki franchised outlet?

As a Franchisee, you are required to purchase based on the specifications indicated in the Procurement Program.

How long will it take to recover my investment?

Financial viability depends on various factors such as sales, location and ability of the Franchisee to effectively manage his expenses. This will be discussed further during the Franchisee interview after you sent your letter of intent.

How many people will I have to hire? Who does the hiring?

You will be the one who will hire and you will need at least three sales staff. Franchisor will provide the proper training for you and your staff with a set of hiring qualifications.

Will you provide us pre-opening services?

Prior to and during opening, we will send you our representative who will assist you for the first week of operation.

What about the training program?

E&E’s Takuyaki accepts no compromise when it comes to the quality of our products. Franchisee and his staff are required to undergo the training program designed by the Franchisor for them to be fully aware and be oriented with all operations of the E&E’s Takuyaki food cart. The training will be in General Santos City for you to be immersed in our company-owned outlets.

How long will it take to get E&E’s Takuyaki Franchise operating?

Upon approval of the site, the franchise agreement signed and all the related fees paid, it will take approximately 45 days for E&E’s Takuyaki food cart to be ready for operations.

Will you provide an Operations Manual?

Certainly! We will loan you a Confidential Operations Manual which will be your guide in every aspects of running your cart business.

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